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The Community Gardens of Shaker Heights (CGSH) exists to promote the health and wellbeing of Shaker residents through the establishment of community gardens that will beautify and make productive use of vacant land.

Our Goals:

  • Promote social, health, educational, and economic benefits of organic gardening
  • Engage youth in a productive enterprise
  • Strengthen the bond of relationships among neighbors and foster community spirit
  • Encourage the consumption of locally grown produce
  • Advocate for the development of sustainable food sources

The Community Gardens of Shaker Heights is a non-profit group formed by a small group of local residents with the vision of creating gardening spaces on vacant lots throughout the city.  In 2010 the City of Shaker Heights granted our organization the right to develop a community garden on the empty lot at 3623 Rolliston Road in the Lomond neighborhood. Designed by members of the CGSH board, the garden consists of twenty-nine four by ten foot “lasagna-style” raised plots framed by a flower bed with an arbor at the entrance to the garden. For a small plot fee, Shaker residents are invited to raise vegetables, herbs and flowers for their own use in this strictly organic and pesticide-free garden.

If you are intereted in participating in the Rolliston Road garden or any other future gardening intitiatives, please add your name to our waiting list.

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